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The Monk’s Park team worked on Neptune’s hill with their dance and choregraphy teacher Lea Hurd, tweaking their routines before the show, and finalising signals and timings with Nathan Hughes and Dark Spark. The show ran slightly late due to trouble on the M4, a bigger than expected audience (approx 350-400), and deer in the middle of the fire drawing minutes before the start. With everything finally ready, the MP crew opened the show with a procession of naiads lit by pyrotechnic gardener Jony Easterby, showing how water flowed to Neptune’s statue some 300 years previously.

the girls count down the seconds until show-time – photo credit – Dan Buzzo

The Monks Park team minutes before the show starts

They splashed liquid from blue glow sticks on their boiler suits, back-combed their hair and carried Ikea spokars in each hand. In the beam of my 10 million candle torch they looked like toxic zombie naiads (NH). The blurred movement in the picture below and their brilliant costumes suggest flowing water.

a procession of zombie naiads starts the show   photo credit РDan Buzzo

The Monks Park team open the show with a zombie naiad procession

The team continued along the side of the hill towards Neptune, and took up their ‘cascade’ positions while Jony ignited Neptune’s trident. He followed the team’s descent of the hill, lighting small blue flares which illuminated their routine for the audience across the valley on Old Lodge Hill.

pictures and videos relating to the above text will soon complete this article

the following pictures were taken just before the show started
photo credit – Suzanne Burley

minutes before the show starts - photo credit - Suzanne Burley

minutes before the show starts - photo credit - Suzanne Burley

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