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Ulf leads the team who are dressing the reception area atop Old Lodge Hill, and the viewing point from where the audience will watch the Project Neptune performance.


As Moody Hues, Ulf made major contributions to both Voyage into the Unknown events directed by Lead Artist Nathan Hughes.

Ulf Mark Pedersen and Andy the tree surgeon consider lighting options.


They created a spectacular vantage point from which the audience enjoyed the performance taking place in the valley below.

Turned out nice! 

Muffled Visions create a spectacular vantage point

Muffled Visions create a spectacular vantage point in the woods

Following the path of withy / LED tulips, (an exquisite eye for detail) – the one mirror ball suspended in a tree, lit to cast twinkley, dancing lights over watcher’s heads, sign-posted us to a bird’s-eye view down onto the grand artistry which was drawn out below us.
Karen Smith 

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